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44+ years experience!

The name Tsilionis has been heard since 1977 in the field of repair of heavy vehicles and repair of hydraulic steering systems. Starting with the protagonist Tsilionis Georgios who started everything that exists today and then the new generation and successor consists of Tsilionis Konstantinos and Tsilionis Sotirios who continue his work.

The company started from Tsilionis Georgios in the repair of trucks and buses MAN and MERCEDES having huge experience due to the previous service in VIAMAX (Fostiropoulos) and later MERCEDES BENZ in Larissa.

This course continued steadily and in 1998 privately owned facilities were created at the 5th km of Larissa-Volos.

Since 2007 we have been adding

adding an even more important service
to our potential which makes us special until today. The authorization and specialization in the field of IVECO vehicles by PI KONTELLIS SA..

With the continuous training

in all areas
areas we continue to offer consistently and above all responsibility our services always guided by the immediate and effective customer service wherever and whenever requested.

Our concern is the continuous improvement

in the quality of the services we provide
our main priority is the proper operation of our company with the aim of effective and complete solutions in all areas where we work.

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